A Late Start

4 Jan

My initial idea was to open a part-time Montessori program in my home. It would have been perfect!

However, since I live in a condo, there is a regulation that does not allow businesses to operate in the units. So, I couldn’t, in good conscious, go ahead with it (open a Montessori program illegally and then go on to teach children right from wrong?!).

I had begun planning and researching: planning the space (convert our dining room), making a list of materials to buy/make, reading books and writing up a curriculum (including themes), and looking at the different Toddler albums available for purchase (I’m trained for elementary). All this came to a grinding halt after the very disappointing news specified above.

Now that the new year has begun, it just hit me that Freestyle will be 18 months this month! Already? How did that happen (apparently, Freestyle will have to be taught time from someone else)?!

My hope is that this blog will help me get my butt in gear!


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