“Montessori Mornings”

28 Jan

Ooh, I’m excited.

Starting next week, a friend who has a toddler (close to Freestyle’s age) will come over once a week so that I can show them Montessori-inspired activities and games. I’m calling it “Montessori Mornings”! I think this new routine (in combination with this blog) will really help me get going!

So, this means that I’ll be making more Montessori-related updates (and less about my trips to the liquor store). I’ll write about making materials, how the activities work, how it all went down, and photos! Yay, everyone likes photos.

(Honestly, this may make me seem unsophisticated, but I find that I am more willing to read blog posts if there is at least one picture included. Don’t judge!)

* * *

I was rereading the first few posts that I’ve written and have realized that I have yet to find a proper blogging “voice.” Does that make sense? I guess I mean that while I know how to tailor my writing for essays, fiction, letters, etc., I haven’t figured out how I should write for a blog. Like, that one post I wrote about the First Plane of Development is just…ugh. Montessori philosophy is such an interesting topic and I sort of quickly threw in some old essay excerpts (and whatever else I could come up with during Freestyle’s nap that day) and it became a very long and not very interesting read, just so I would have something to post!

I’ll try harder to do better. Don’t leave me! I mean, it’s not like my entire self-worth is tied to the success of this blog and if it fails I will want to curl up in a ball and cry, stifling my wails with the back of my fist so that Freestyle and Biker don’t freak out and occasionally crying out, “Why me, Lord?!”

Wow, I think I just found my blogging voice: chirpy yet slightly neurotic.

Well, have a great (and snowy!) weekend, everyone*! 🙂 🙂 🙂


* And by “everyone,” I mean Miss E, because I’m not sure anyone else will be reading this on a regular basis other than you. Thanks, hon.


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