Potty Training Under 2

4 Feb


Potty training was probably the one thing I wasn’t looking forward to when I found out that I was having a baby. It sounded messy, hard, and just plain gross.

(Man, how quickly your concept of “gross” changes when you have a baby! AmIright, moms & dads?)

Also, the thought of my baby girl sitting on a public toilet, maybe even touching the sides of the toilet with her bare hands(!)…I’m all for exposing kids to everyday germs and the like, but public toilets are my limit.

For the record, I’m a Hoverer.

Around 16 months, I started casual potty training:

  • Putting out a potty in the kitchen and introducing Freestyle to it.
  • Talking about going to the potty (“Mommy needs to pee so she’s going to the potty. When you’re ready you’ll pee in the potty too!”)
  • Occasionally leaving her diaper-less and sitting her on the potty every hour when we were home.
Then December came around and we took a break with all the Christmas craziness. But this week I decided that it was time to really go for it because she began showing more and more signs of readiness (she’s 18 months now).

So how did the potty training go?

Actually, so far, so good! I think I really got lucky and caught Free at the right time when she was willing and able to potty train. She is doing very well (go, Freestyle!) and a lot of the time will go to the potty on her own (or when I remind her)! There are some times where she doesn’t make it on time or forget (usually because she’s distracted or too excited).

I know every child is different, but I thought I’d share some of what I did with Freestyle in case it helps anyone else.


What I did:

  • Diaper-less behind, all the time (except naptime, of course)! Freestyle wears a shirt, her leg warmers, and socks. That’s it. Thus the towels spread on the floor (though I was confident enough that she would make it to the potty in time by mid-week that I took the towels away). Right now she will wear pants but no diapers, but we have to keep practicing how to pull them down in time!
  • I’m asking her if she needs to “go” every once in a while. Before, if we asked her if she has peed or pooped, some of the time she would tell us. Recently, Freestyle started to take off her diaper and sit on the potty on her own. This week, she went to the potty by herself when she felt the urge, some of the time.
  • She sits on the potty every hour or so (with a basket of books next to her to keep her sitting for a bit!) in the beginning of the week. By the end of the week, I had a better idea of when she usually had to use the potty and would ask less.
  •  We’re at home the entire day (for a week so far) to keep consistent and close to the potty! We have a little potty in the kitchen and a training toilet seat on the toilet upstairs so that no matter where we are, there is a potty nearby.

So far, this week of Potty Training went well (other than the Code Brown that occured on Day One while seated at the table for lunch!). Who knew how exciting urination could be?! Last year, I would never have imagined frantically calling up Biker at work and having the following converstation:


Biker: Hel-

MM: HONEY! Guess what? Freestyle peed in the potty!

Biker: Oh, that’s…

MM: PEE in the POTTY!

Biker: That’s great, I…

MM: PEE! In the POTTY!
Good times, good times!

Actually, if this keeps up (fingers crossed, hands in prayer, knock on wood), it’ll be GREAT times for me, Freestyle, Biker, and the poor old washing machine (we use cloth diapers).

We’ll see how Week 2 of Potty Training goes! Wish us luck!


Any potty training tips or success stories to share? Anyone reading this at all? 


2 Responses to “Potty Training Under 2”


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