Montessori Madness Video

9 Feb

Found this neat “fast draw” video about Montessori education. It seems to be written by an enthusiastic Montessori parent. It’s entertaining (the fast drawing is pretty mesmerizing!), only a few minutes long, and a nice basic intro* to Montessori education.


* I say basic because you don’t get to see the amazing, innovative Montessori materials!

P.S. I’m absolutely pro-Montessori, but not necessarily anti-public schools.¬†Montessori education (lessons, materials, philosophy) was purposefully created to inspire and cultivate children’s exploration and learning! However, there are many great teachers in the public system who are innovative, creative, and passionate about education and bring out the best in their students too. So not all children who are not in Montessori schools will have their “flame extinguished.” Just wanted to be clear on that!


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