I made a diaper cake!

24 Feb

When I was pregnant with Freestyle, the families in my  class, in cahoots with some of the teachers, threw me a surprise baby shower. It was very sweet (though when the office asked me to come down to “take a call from a parent” so the parents could sneak in and set up with the class, my reaction was: “Um, no I can’t take their call now! I’m teaching!” It took them a few minutes to kick me out of the classroom. Ha ha.).

A couple of the moms made me a diaper cake, which was such a cute gift. Even though we used cloth diapers, we did end up using the diapers in the cake, so it was pretty useful!

The funniest thing happened was when I walked back into the room. One boy immediately said, “Mrs. MM! Do you like the cake? (giggle) DON’T eat it though, (giggle) because it’s made out of…DIAPERS! (burst of giggles)”

So, a good friend of mine is expecting a girl in a couple of weeks and a few of us are going over to her place and bringing her dinner this weekend. We decided to be practical and get her wipes and diapers of different sizes instead of toys and clothes (though I bet a couple of them will end up getting her a dress or two as well!).

I got her a huge box of wipes and decided to try my hand at a diaper cake, to go along with the diaper theme! I know they’re done a lot and now they have diaper monkeys and a whole zoo’s worth of diaper animals, but I’ve never made one before so decided to stick with a simple cake!

I didn’t think it’d turn out as nicely as it did, so I’m pretty happy with it. If anyone else has a baby shower to attend and wants to give it a try, the instructions are below. The secret is ribbon. Lots and lots of ribbon to cover up all manners of mistakes!


DIY Diaper Cake 

Approx. Cost & Time: $40-50 & 1.5 hours (+ extra 30 mins. if you have a toddler running around!)


  • About 70 diapers, Size 2 or 3
  • Rubber bands (about 140 small and 4 large- so just get a bag of them!)
  • Ribbon! A different 1″ ribbon for each layer (3) & a thin satin ribbon for decoration and to tie up the goodies
  • 4-5 baby items (I used a stuffed animal, baby socks, teething ring, and a small photo frame)
  • Scissors
  • Tape (scotch & masking)
  • Cardboard
  • Various decorations (I used felt flowers with a wire stem, self-adhesive flowers)- Optional

What to do:

1. Tightly roll up all the diapers and secure on both ends with elastics.

45 minutes and 72 diapers later...


2. Stack the diapers into three circular layers and double-wrap a large elastic around the layers. For the larger ones, I had to wrap up a smaller circle before I added more.


Top tier- 7 diaper rolls (1 in the middle and 6 surrounding it)

2nd tier- 20 diaper rolls

Bottom tier- the rest of the rolls!


3. Place each tier on the cardboard and lightly trace around and cut out. For the largest cardboard circle, make the circumference a couple of inches larger.  I also wrapped it in wrapping paper to make it prettier. You can also just use a regular cake plate for the bottom. I just like using whatever is in the house!


4. I’m sure there’s a better way to do this, but I just used painter’s tape (masking tape would be better but I didn’t have any) to tape the diaper rounds onto the cardboard, making it into a 3-tier cake shape.


5. Now for the fun part- decorating! First, wrap each tier with the ribbon. I used scotch tape to secure it onto the diapers, but again, there’s probably a better way. Then tape the thin satin ribbon around the middle of each tier.



6. Decorate to your heart’s desire! Use the ribbon to tie the baby things onto the cake.



7. Use cellophane to wrap it all up and add a ribbon to the top.


Now you have a gorgeous gift for the expecting mom that will also be a cute centerpiece at the baby shower!


p.s. I’m not sure why, but my photos are now so small here! Usually when I upload them they are a good size. I tried changing the size but they’re already at 100%! Help?! 


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