A Quick Update!

9 Mar

I’ve been finding less time to write posts these past few weeks. For one thing, I just started a new job(!) which is PERFECT (the number of hours, the fact I get to work-at-home…) so any computer time that I have (usually during Free’s nap or after she’s in bed), is dedicated to that now.

I’m going to do my best to write up drafts here and there and post when they’re complete. I have a couple in the works already, including a pouring exercise that I recently introduced to Freestyle.


Another Update: Potty Training.

It’s going… just fine! I’m so happy that we caught Free at the right time (I honestly believe that is mostly why she’s been so successful) to start training. Right now she is pretty much fully trained during the day. She will either tell us that she needs to go or if we lead her to the washroom and put her on, she will almost always go then. We don’t put a diaper on her at home anymore and when we’re out, she just wears a cloth diaper… though I think we’re almost at the point when she doesn’t have to wear a diaper while we’re out!

I’ve noticed that in the past couple of weeks, her diaper will be dry after her nap! Though I’m pretty sure that she’ll still need a diaper overnight for awhile.

So, yay, Freestyle! I don’t presume to be in a position to offer advice to other parents (all my experience is just with potty training one child, after all!), but I’ll include what worked for us, just in case it is helpful to anyone else.


Here’s what I found useful during potty training:

  • Cloth diapers. They do say that babies in cloth diapers potty train easier (which was one of the reasons why we chose to use them) because they feel it when they are wet. When she was younger, Freestyle didn’t seem to care if she was wet (or worse), so I was a little worried that it wouldn’t help. However, as she got older she seemed to begin to get it, and right now when we’re out she would definitely react if she went in her diaper!
  • Introducing the potty at a young age. I read in Montessori from the Start that children typically show interest in potty training around the ages of 12 – 18 months. We started to casually introduce  Freestyle to the potty around 15 months by putting out the potty, leaving her diaper-less (sometimes) at home, and sitting her on the potty every hour or two. We took a break when the Christmas crazy began though and picked up around 18 months (when I first posted about it).
  • No diaper worn at home. Yes, it can be messy, but I did find that for us, it seemed to help Freestyle quickly grasp the connection between the feeling you get when you need to pee and then the act of peeing that follows (if she peed and felt it running down her legs!). After a couple of days, she seemed to understand the connection and was able to tell me if she needed to go.
  • Being consistently at home. When we first started, I realized that one reason why it wasn’t working was that we weren’t home enough. So this time I dedicated one full week to staying at home so we could get the potty training established. I understand that this is not possible for everyone. If I was working full-time, I would probably see if I could take a Friday or Monday off so that I could at least have a long weekend to begin.
  • Happy words when she is successful, encouraging reminders when she is not. No point traumatizing her a la Family Guy:

Peter in a bookstore. 

Peter: Yeah, I’m looking for toilet-training books.

Bookstore Guy: Oh, yes. We can help you there. “Everybody Poops” is still the standard, of course. We’ve also got the less popular “Nobody Poops But You.”

Peter: Huh. Well, see, we’re Catholic, so…

Bookstore Guy: Then you want “You’re a Naughty Child And That’s Concentrated Evil Coming Out the Back of You.”

Peter: Perfect!


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    […] Freestyle has been out of diapers (during the daytime) since she was about 18 months. Yes, there have been accidents here and there, but on the whole she has been pretty successful in this area.* I also shared what worked for us here. […]

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