Introducing Pouring Exercises

10 Mar

Pouring Activity for Toddlers 


Age: 18 months + (another activity that can be modified to become more challenging as they grow!)

Purpose: Pouring exercises are a staple Practical Life exercise in Toddler and Casa classrooms because they are fantastic for developing hand-eye coordination, concentration, practicing aiming for a target, fine motor skill development. You know, the usual! Learning to pour is a practical skill that she will use daily during meal time when she is ready.




2 containers

Dry items to pour (examples: dried beans, buttons, rice, small pasta, beads, etc.)

What to do:

1. Have the activity set up so that the dry items are in one container on the tray.

2. Show your child how to carefully pick up the full container with both hands and slowly pour the items into the second, empty container on the tray. Vocabulary to introduce/emphasize: pour, slow(ly).

3. Put the first container down and repeat using the now full container.

Oh, here's when the Control of Error comes in...

Getting better!


Go further:

  • If you have one, you can use a small pitcher and a cup.
  • Add a third container for more fun!
  • Once your child is more confident (and adept!) at pouring dry items, she can try pouring water from a small pitcher into a container (or cup).
  • Use containers of different shapes and sizes.
  • Your child can even practice pouring into a funnel.

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