Get outside!

27 Apr

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I’ll be honest- haven’t really been doing (prepared) Montessori activities with Freestyle lately. I chalk it up to the (mostly) good weather and also work! Though I don’t think that everything needs to be an official “lesson,” since a lot of things just come naturally (like teaching her to brush her teeth instead of just eating the toothpaste, putting on her clothes, etc.).

Mostly we have been just going outside a lot, which is great. I know that most Montessori Toddler programs put an emphasis of going outdoors with the kids. This is so that the kids have as much opportunity to be in nature as possible. I was just thinking today that we mostly live with a cement barrier between us and the earth.

When I was teaching Upper Elementary, I remember going off on a tangent while doing an outdoor lesson with a couple of boys in my class (they were the only ones who opted out of the dance lessons during gym time so I took them outside for some exercise during that period). I encouraged them to take off their shoes and socks and was just marveling at how the earth was just designed for human comfort- the spongy earth and cool grass felt so nice on bare feet, didn’t it?

I did just get some blank stares from them, but that’s okay.

So, I do like to get Freestyle out there as much as possible and have her walk, run, and jump on the grass. Get a little dirty. Explore. Use her sense to experience nature. All that good stuff.

I’m especially grateful to my friend and neighbour who is so, so great at getting her kids outdoors that it really shames me into doing it even if I don’t feel like it some days! 🙂


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