And now for a very timely lesson…

25 May


Today we hit a record-breaking temperature of 30 degrees celsius! So of course I thought it would be a perfect day to post about how to teach your toddler to put on her own jacket. Ha ha…

In my own defense, I actually taught this to Freestyle a few weeks ago when the weather was still up and down and some days she did need a jacket. 🙂


How to Put On A Jacket! 

Age: 18 months + (an estimate only, use your own judgement because all children develop differently!)

Purpose: This is a Practical Life exercise– Care of Self. This helps build their independence and take pride in their appearance (and their ability to dress themselves!).

Materials: A jacket.


What to do:

I started by using my own jacket and showing Freestyle how to do it. Then I placed her jacket beside mine and we did it together!

1. Lay your child’s jacket flat on the floor in front of her, upside-down.

2. Show her how to put her hands into the sleeves and then lift the jacket up and over her head.

3. Help her finish stretch out her arms through the sleeves.


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  • I taught this separately to Freestyle when she was younger, when I still helped her with her jacket. I would insert the zipper for her and then hold the edge of the coat down (like in the photo) and tell her to pull the zipper up.

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