5 Random Things

11 Jul
1. Freestyle was sick over the weekend and we decided to try a menthol rub on her neck and chest before she went to sleep. I starting singing “Soft Kitty” as a joke, but she loved it! She wanted me to sing it to her doll while I pretended to put the rub on! So after that, whenever we put it on her, she insisted on hearing “Soft Kitty!” (The menthol rub worked really well too!)
2. Lately, whenever I am singing to myself (which I do a lot, I now realize!), Freestyle will stop what she’s doing, looks at me, and says seriously, “No, Mommy. Stop…Stop.” Oh dear.
3. Whenever Biker and I hold hands in the front seat of the car while driving, Freestyle wags her finger and says, “Nooooo!” PDA police-in-training! 🙂
4. Whenever Biker makes an inappropriate comment (ranging from, “I feel like buying something from Best Buy” to jokingly (hmph) saying, “Thanks for cleaning up the kitchen, bathing Freestyle, and putting her to bed. I’m going for a nap!”), I’ve trained Freestyle to say to him, “Daddy, nooo! Nooo, Daddy!” Ha ha. Now she says this while wagging her finger! (Hmm, I do see a common theme emerging here… 🙂) It’s really, really cute.
5. Recently, I was babysitting a friend’s two children. We went for a walk to the park in the afternoon and one of the kids brought her doll along in a baby carrier. She put a blanket over the doll’s head because “it’s windy outside,” so you couldn’t see the doll, just the legs poking out. So there we were– me, Freestyle in the stroller, my friend’s son, my friend’s daughter and her baby doll in a baby carrier– walking through the lobby when I overhear an older woman say in what she believed to be sotto voce:“Look at this one, 4 kids and one on the way!” 


p.s. Not sure why the spacing/paragraphing is not working?


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