Things Which I Find Weird and/or Funny…

18 Jul

“I ain’t your Grammy…call me G-Dawg!”

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1. Grandmas who want to be nicknamed “G-Dawg,” “Glam-ma,” “Miami,” or “Salsa.” Don’t like those names? Don’t worry, just check out the The New Grandparents’ Name Book!


2. Those family stickers on the back windows of cars. We were in the car one day behind one of these cars and I said to Biker, “Honestly, I don’t think I could be good friends with anyone with those stickers.” Besides some of the reasons listed in the link, I’m not keen on the information that it gives out to complete strangers.


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(“Hmm, kids in the car? More likely to have portable DVD players, iPads/game consoles, etc.” OR, God forbid, a stranger coming up to your kid and, based on the info gleaned from the stickers, saying something like,

“Hi, Mommy and Daddy asked me to pick you up. I’m your Auntie Jane! No, we have to go now. Oh, your little brother has soccer and baby is with Mommy. But let’s hurry and get in the car because Mommy asked us to feed the dog and cat. What’s your dog’s name again? Jackson? I love that name! I have a dog too…”

Maybe I’m paranoid, but that’s the first thing I thought of when I first saw these family decals.


3. A gift “from the baby” to the older sibling. A friend just told me about this one. To help your first child adjust to having a new sibling, you give them a present and tell them that it’s from the baby. I guess I see the reasoning behind it (creating a positive association with the new kid on the block), but I laughed because we were thinking, wow, where did the baby get the gift and how did s/he get it in there AND have time and space to wrap it up before popping out?! 🙂


4. Push Presents…I only heard about this recently… Umm, I never got a push gift! Oh wait, does the baby count?



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