Part 1: On Roadkill

7 Aug

Exactly what you want to read about on a lovely summer’s day, right? 🙂

This is all about showing respect for all living things…all of them!


PART 1: Roadkill


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In university, I took a Native Lit course. A Native poet was invited to speak to us about her poetry about nature and though I don’t remember any of her poems, I do remember how much she loved and respected nature. I will never forget her telling us why she keeps a shovel and bags in the trunk of her car. Whenever she sees an animal that has been run over, she will stop and take the animal to the nearest wooded area, dig a grave, and bury it in order to return it to the earth.

Wow. Now that’s a nature lover right there!

The other day I saw the same animal (not sure what it was since it had been run over so many times…) on the road a couple of days after I first saw it. It’s just like those news reports you hear where the whole neighbourhood witnessed a beating or murder but no one called the police because they figured that someone else would do it (or that it wasn’t their problem).

Well, this is our problem. And I don’t want Freestyle to watch me ignore or turn a blind eye from an animal that was killed. While I’m not ready willing to pick it up and bury it (sorry, animals!), the least I can do is call Animal Control so that it can be removed as soon as possible. So I’ve programmed the number into my cell and the next time I see one of those poor animals, I will note the intersection and report it to Animal Control as soon as I stop the car. It will just take a minute of my day, but I think it will show Freestyle that all living creatures deserve that respect.


Toronto Animal Control: 416-338-PAWS (7297)

Mississauga Animal Control905-896-5858 – Option 3 (M-F 8-4) OR 905-615-3000 (After hours)

Markham Animal Control: 1-888-ONT-SPCA (668-7722) ext. 386.


 For other areas, just search “animal control & (your city).” Easy!

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