Part 3: Bugs

9 Aug

On Roadkill, Bugs, & Other Critters: This is all about showing respect for all living things…all of them! Here are Parts 1 & 2.


Part 3: Bugs– Don’t kill them! 


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With insects that we found in the classroom, we made sure never to kill them, but carefully remove them outside, or, in my previous school, the kids could feed them to the pet lizards in the hallway.

At home, I want to make sure Freestyle learns the same thing: all living things are important and are to be respected. So when we have a rouge fly, spider, or bee(!) loose in the house…


How to Trap & Release Bugs in the Home:

1. Have a clear plastic cup and paper ready in your main living area.

2. When the insect lands, carefully cover it with the cup.

3. Slide the paper under the cup.

4. Carry the whole thing to the door/window and release the insect!

This is pretty simple and older kids can easily learn to do it themselves (and they LOVE to do it!). You’ll have gotten rid of the insect from your home humanely and your kids will see that even the tiniest creatures have a right to life.

Even worms. Sigh. 🙂


Bonus Critter Tip: If you have mice in the house, an easy and humane to get rid of them is to leave fresh mint leaves in the areas where they usually go. They don’t like the smell, apparently. It worked for us! Oh, and you end up with nice smelling cupboards!



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