Any Day Now…

4 Oct

Our second baby is due next week (or who knows, maybe he or she has already arrived? I’ve been writing these posts in advance for the last couple of months!).

We’re all very excited though I am starting to feel more and more anxious about labour because I didn’t have the most positive birth experience with Freestyle. Not end-of-the-world stuff, of course, but could’ve been better.

I’m glad we got a spot at our local midwife centre this time. Last time I was put on a waiting list but this time I got a spot immediately! I am really enjoying this experience and feel more informed this time around (and of course this being the second time around, I sort of know what to expect). I would definitely recommend seeing a midwife to anyone who is pregnant!


The greatest thing though is how much support we have here. I know that we’re blessed to have family (and have them close by) and friends who care. I’ve been trying to plan out what will happen if I go into labour and Biker is at work (it would take him at least an hour to get back home). My parents are just great and will be taking Freestyle overnight when we’re in the hospital.

However, if I need to go to the hospital immediately and my parents can’t get here right away, I am able to call on our amazing babysitter who told me to call her “day or night” even though she has two young kids of her own. My neighbour (or I really should say “friend who lives next door!”) said she could look after Freestyle if she is home and her husband even said if Biker can’t get there right away, just to give him a call and he’d leave work (he works closer to home) to drive me to the hospital! How nice is that?!

Honestly, when I heard that, I got a bit teary! We are so, so lucky and I’m very grateful to have such good friends and family around.

Thank you. 🙂


If you are pregnant and don’t have a lot of family nearby or many close friends that you can count on in this situation, speak to your OB/midwife and to the people you do have around you about it. Sometimes your friends may just be ignorant/unaware (like me!) about your needs– I always feel like hitting my palm against my forehead when a friend of mine (who is a single parent) asks me to help with something that I should have realized that she’d need help with myself!

If you know someone who is pregnant / expecting a child through adoption, etc. and may not have a strong support circle around her (maybe she is a single parent or has just immigrated to the country), do whatever you can to offer her support:

  • Offer to babysit her older kid(s) during labour (or even just for a couple hours on the weekend so she can have some time to herself!)
  • Drive her to appointments if you are off, purchase bus/taxi fare if you can’t (and this is within your budget)
  • Again, if it’s within your budget, treat her to a mani/pedi or just a coffee during her pregnancy
  • Take ready made (healthy) meals to her when the baby has arrived
  • Be her emergency contact
  • Offer to be her birth partner
  • Go with her to buy baby-related gear with her (it’s more fun with someone there!) OR browse kijiji or survey your own friends/family for gently used baby items if that is more budget-friendly for her
  • Call once in awhile to be her sounding board/rant listener
  • Ask her, “What can I do?” rather than “Do you need help?”

…there are so many things we can do for our friends! We just need to keep an eye out for opportunities to do so (I really need to do remind myself to do this, actually!).


Any other suggestions?



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