My Little Laundry Helper

25 Oct



One chore I don’t mind doing is folding laundry because I get to sit down to do it!

Freestyle used to like to “help Mommy” by putting all the folded clothes and tossing them back into the hamper so that they were in a messy heap again. She also likes to help carry the hamper back and forth with me.

Now, she is helping me sort the socks. I remember waiting for her to be old enough to teach her about “matching” and “pairs.” So now that’s her laundry job and a real help to me!


Matching Pairs of Socks 

1. Start off with just a few pairs of socks, preferably with distinct differences in patterns/colours.

2. Have your child help mix up the pile of socks.

3. Pick out one sock (“This is a purple sock.”) and find the matching sock (“Here is another purple sock. See, it is the same, it matches. They are a pair.”).  Next, pick out another sock and ask your child to find the matching one.

Freestyle just finds the matching pair on her own now.

4. Lay the pairs out side-by-side.

5. Ta Da! Now they are ready to fold.

New vocabulary: match, matching, pair.


Laundry jobs for a young toddler (about 2 years old):

  • Matching socks.
  • Sorting out different family members’ clean laundry for folding (my pile of clothes, Mommy’s pile, etc.).
  • Putting her own dirty laundry into the hamper in her room.
  • Folding washcloths (we are going to try this next week).
  • Carefully placing folded laundry back into the hamper/drawers (this we are still working on!).


Any other ideas?



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