Flying With Baby? Do What They Did.

8 Nov

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This photo/story from reddit is a few weeks old, but come on, how smart were these parents!?

Apparently they handed one of these goody bags to every single passenger on the flight! Love the proactiveness (yes, made up word!), thoughtfulness, and sense of humour. I’d think this would disarm even the most grumpy person on the plane!

“Portable milk machine”…so true, so true! 🙂

I’m definitely doing that if I ever have to fly with a baby!


(They were definitely more considerate than me: when Freestyle was about 6 months old and we were at a playdate with my mom & baby group, we were talking about future playdate ideas. Mine was to meet at airport lounges with our babies and hang out, occasionally  loudly exclaiming things like:

“Baby’s first flight!”

“Oh, poor baby, you’re TEETHING!”

“Isn’t it great that we ALL got seats together in first class?!”

Heh heh.)


Any other tips from parents who’ve flown with a baby?



One Response to “Flying With Baby? Do What They Did.”

  1. Karen @ Folk Haven November 8, 2012 at 11:47 pm #

    Great idea! And the play group idea is hysterical! What has worked best for us when flying with Eli when he was an infant (not that we did it that often) was to feed him during take off and landing. Luckily he is one child never know to turn down the opportunity to nurse.

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