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This Week: A Mini-Series!

7 Aug

I wrote a long post about some random things concerning animals. Decided that it would make more sense and read easier if they were split up into a “mini series.”

I decided to call it: On Roadkill, Bugs, and Other Critters.

Yes, I realize that this is the most exciting news that you’ll receive all day! 🙂

First post, coming up!


More affordable Montessori materials

16 May

A basket to store materials on a shelf, two small pitchers for pouring exercises (originally creamers– they had a LOT of them), and two dishes with round indents which I’ll use for transferring activities and even colour mixing. I’m not even sure what they’re used for…holding boiled eggs?!


I’ve been trying to accumulate things to use for Montessori activities on the cheap, but without buying from the dollar store. I made a list of places that I will try, but left out an important one:

Thrift stores!

I love me some thrift store! Sometimes The Salvation Army stores will send a flyer advertising a 50% off sale. I’ve gotten some great stuff there. In the photo above, all the items were $0.99, except for the basket which was $2.


Freestyle saw me taking a photo and picked up one of the pitchers, held it up to the camera and said, “Cheese!” So cute.


Another great place to look is garage sales for potential materials and toys. I’ve found these two wooden toys at a garage sale for $0.25 each! They were both in pretty good condition as well.


I think the truck may have been made in a D&T class, haha!