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Smock Cafe

21 Jun

That’s Freestyle on the right, playing in the kitchen area.


My friend took me and Freestyle to a new kid-friendly cafe. It’s called Smock and it’s located in Toronto, around Roncesvalles & Dundas West.

It’s such a fantastic concept because it allows adults to sit and chat while eating and drinking delicious things while the kids wander and play in the cafe. There was a little kitchen set with a bunch of wooden toys right in the front, little reading nooks hidden by the bench seating, and a marble maze on the wall.

Down in the basement was a small lounge area with more toys and a separate room where a group of moms with young infants had spread out.

There are toys and things to do in every corner, but the best part is the Wonder Workshop.


The Wonder Workshop– my view from the table where I was enjoying a smoothie and chatting with my friend!


At the back of the store they have tons of art and craft supplies and even a facilitator who will help the kids get set up with an art project. It’s great because the kids are busy and you can go sit and relax on the other side of the room.


Freestyle painted two pictures. There were also wooden toys that the kids could choose to paint as well.



It costs $8 for the workshop.

The food and drinks were very yummy. I had a quinoa wrap and a beet salad along with my smoothie. My friend said that her coffee and soup were good too. Budget-wise, think high-end cafe prices. I think I spent about $30 altogether for my drink, Freestyle’s drink, lunch, and the workshop.


I would definitely go again though probably not often due to the distance (not bad if you take the subway– just a short walk from Dundas West station) and the cost. The area is very cute, with tons of little shops along the street. I saw a couple of used book shops (yay!) and a few baby stores.

It would be a nice way to spend a summer afternoon– a little walk and then relax and play at the Smock Cafe!


Thanks, E, for taking us there! We had a great time with you! 🙂