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DIY Where The Wild Things Are Costume

11 Oct

Let me preface this by saying that I don’t sew. I mean, I know the basic stitch, you know, going in and out (is there a name for that?). And I can tie a knot at the end. So, when I say that this is easy, I really do mean EASY!

Last Halloween, Freestyle was 15 months old. I knew that she wouldn’t enjoy wearing a fussy costume and would likely pull of pieces of it by the end of the Halloween playdate that we were attending. So I wanted to make her a simple costume that was comfortable and warm and that she would actually keep on!


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I took a look at what I had around the house (as usual!) and decided to make a Max costume for her. Max is the little boy from the children’s classic book Where the Wild Things Are. It seemed easy because she had some pajamas that, when turned inside out, were all white. Her winter hat (that she was already used to wearing) had ear flaps that would work too.


All I needed was:

  • White onesie PJs
  • Sewing kit
  • Stiff yellow felt (I was only able to find orange)
  • Stiff grey felt (I only had light blue)
  • White fabric (I used some handkerchiefs that someone had given us that we never used)
  • Scissors
  • Black pipe cleaners

I didn’t use any patterns, just some good ol’ guesstimation and elbow grease. Here’s what I did:

  1. Eyeballed the winter hat and cut the white handkerchiefs so that it was would cover the entire hat with extra material. Sewed it onto the hat.
  2. Measured Freestyle’s head and cut the orange felt to fit. Cut out the triangles to make the crown shape and sewed it onto the hat.
  3. Bent the pipe cleaners and sewed the ends onto the ear flaps of the hat.
  4. Cut out “claws” and a tail from the blue felt. Sewed the claws onto the toes of the PJs and the tail onto the bum!

The “Wild Thing” sign is not sewn onto the costume. I just made it because I had leftover felt and foam letter stickers. Freestyle held it for a couple of photos.

That’s it! I found a costume headband with horns. They were for a devil costume but I just found two of Freestyle’s green baby socks and just stuck them over the red horns. I wore a green sweater and voila, instant Wild Thing costume for me! 🙂 If you had a striped sweater like in the picture above, that’d be even better!


The Max costume worked out very well for 15-month-old Freestyle. It was warm, comfortable, and since it was made from her PJs and hat, she was already familiar with it (no itchy fabric). I purposely put the hat on her head from behind so that she didn’t see that it was different than usual (otherwise, she’d probably keep taking it off to look at it). She kept it on all day!

When Halloween was over, I just cut off the thread and took off all the fabric and felt and Freestyle had her regular PJs and hat back again.

Have fun!